About me

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I was raised by liberal Mennonite parents in a typically conservative Christian suburb where I fit in about as well as a whore in church.  Well-behaved as a child, I spent most of my time reading books and bothering adults with questions they couldn’t answer to my satisfaction.  As happens to most adolescents in one form or another, I went temporarily insane as a teenager and embraced the creepiest form of evangelical Christianity I could find.  In retrospect, this was all in the dogged pursuit of the very evangelical boy I was madly in love with and not a terribly honest pursuit in the development of my Weltanschauung.

I attended a liberal Christian university on the East Coast, where I relinquished my evangelical hysteria and became a smug Christian Marxist majoring in English Literature.  After an illuminating semester abroad and a life-altering accident resulting in devastating injury, I became just a hedonistic commie with a soft spot for Jesus.  In 2004 I graduated summa cum laude, aka smartypants, and set off to find myself a Big Girl Job in the City.  After several months of various odd jobs, I landed an entry level position in publishing and have been happily busting my ass in that field ever since.

Shortly after moving to the city, I unwittingly answered an internet personal ad and met the man who would turn out to be my partner in life.  I refer to him on this site as the Russian lover because that’s what he is, having long since become more than just my Soviet fuck. Between facing the challenges of living in the real world outside the academic cocoon and becoming intimate with someone who had lived in a Marxist reality, I gradually evolved into a hedonistic conservative with vague religious tendencies.  After logging a few more years of existence I became a hedonistic conservative with a Darwinian outlook and no patience for any religion, including communism, environmentalism, and liberalism.  I might allow for being labeled a libertarian, as long as it isn’t forced on me.

Most of my writing stems from my life, but I also like to ruminate on esoteric subjects and speculate on cultural phenomenon.  I’m fascinated and thoroughly annoyed by human behavior, and completely baffled at the political positions held by much of my generation.    Since I lean to the right, but don’t belong to the Christian right, I am merely always right.  You, however, are welcome to disagree.


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